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Direct Home Delivery

We offer a unique dropshipping concept: We supplies a fully-integrated fulfilment and ecommerce service, which enables you to sell products online without the related risks and financial undertaking.

We offer a one stop solution to create a range, sell it online and fulfil direct to your customers through whichever platform is right for you. You do not need to invest in the stock until you sell. We deal with all the administration involved in selling online, from customer interactions and order management, to direct fulfilment and reverse logistics.

What is DHD service?
Cozy Bay Direct Home Delivery Service is the method of retail merchandising which allows business owners to sell products without first purchasing and stocking the items they sell.

In other words, you can display Cozy Bay product, either in your shop, on your website or on a mail-order catalog, without having it in their inventory.

How does it work?
Based on Cozy Bay RRP you can set your own price, which is over what the Cozy Bay Trade price is. The difference between those two prices is your profit. When your customer purchases that product from you, you can email or call our Drop Shipping Service Centre and place the order which will be delivered directly to the customer's mailing address.

In this way, the seller is responsible for the promotion of the products and Cozy Bay Furniture takes care of fulfillment.